Monday, 14 October 2019

Questions you never asked but wanted to know about our Stone Peak Varsity Clothing*

*Well... we're assuming you wanted to know. And we're pretty proud of the program, so we're going to tell you regardless.

School is in, the temperatures are dropping, and we're all digging out our favorite hoodies - Let's talk favorite cozy wear!

We've carried the Stone Peak Varsity hoods and tees since 1997, but they have never looked so good as they do today! Favorite schools like the University of Michigan, or relative newcomers to the program like the University of California, Berkeley are both super popular, and we are constantly looking to add new schools to our lineup!

Where else can I get these?

The super-soft Stone Peak hoodies are built right here in Canada,  exclusively for Camp Connection. If you want any of the Stone Peak Clothing or Supplies, you'll need to drop into the store, or order on-line!

Why don't you carry MY School?

Licensing. We hold distribution licenses for all of these Universities and Colleges and sometimes getting a particular school on board simply isn't possible. It might also be that we have not been in contact with your school. Send us an email and tell us which one you'd like to see us add next!

Why are some schools not available to ship into the United States?

Licensing. Again.  Some of our distribution rights exclude us from selling into the U.S. Sorry.

Are all of the schools you carry in-store available on-line?

Almost.  There are a couple prints that we just have not gotten to yet - whenever we add a new school or update the program it takes us some time to get them posted. 

What else does Stone Peak make?

You'll be glad you asked!  We carry the Stone Peak flannel pants (These are the best! I am never far from mine!), boxers, watch caps, and the Camp Connection staple - the cotton work socks. (Woolies, to those in the know)