Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Camp Stories #6: Lexy's Memento.

We've challenged our Staff to tell us their favorite Summer Camp stories.  Enjoy!

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Every summer, just before camp, my dad would tell me to take advantage of every day and try as many new things as possible.

One summer when I was 11 years old my cabin was going water skiing, and we were asked if we wanted to try barefooting. With my dad’s advice in mind I thought this would be a fun way to try something new, and potentially discover a new skill that I loved. A small group was assembled to try it, and we were all extremely nervous because none of us had done it before.  

When it was finally my turn I lasted about one second before wiping out. As my feet touched the water I was jolted forwards and my chin smashed into the boom of the boat! I did not think anything was wrong as I got out of the water and began to get ready to try again, until someone pointed out to me that my chin was bleeding.

I was taken back to the dock. and to the health center to get cleaned up. Which is when it was discovered that the cut was deeper than first thought, and I would be needing stitches!

I had never had anything like this happen to me before, and I was upset about having this done without my parents around. My counsellor at the time came with me and was able to make me feel better about the situation and calmed me down while the nurse began to stitch my chin. My counsellor was so supportive the entire time, and was able to joke with me and distract me from what was going on. I was grateful to have staff who genuinely cared about my comfort and wanted me to feel better.

Later that day everyone was coming up to me asking about what happened, and wanting to know if I was okay. I had never realized until then that the environment at camp is so special and close-knit, and that everyone there really cares about you. This is the reason why I love being at camp, and continue to go back every summer.

To this day I still have a scar under my chin and it reminds me of the injury, but it also reminds me of the special community at camp, and of the strong bonds that everyone shares with each other. Trying new things can be scary, but it has not stopped me from continuing to experience everything, nor from following my dad’s advice.

Lexy Mogil, 2018

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