Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Camp Stories #5: Kailee's Leap

We've challenged our Staff to tell us their favorite Summer Camp stories.  Enjoy!

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Going to sleepaway camp has been one of my greatest experiences. Having the opportunity to go year after year has taught me many life lessons, pushed me to try new things and forced me to step out of my comfort zone.

My First year was 2008 and I went to a small camp called camp New Moon. I have been going every summer ever since. When reminiscing on my past summers I remember the amazing memories that I have made with people that I am proud to still call my best friends.

At camp all my counsellors constantly pushed me to try new things, from helping me get over my fear of heights, teaching me how to sail, and to get up on two skis. One of my most memorable experiences was during that first year at camp.

Throughout the first week at camp every cabin gets the opportunity to visit each specialty, meet the staff and learn the rules about each specialty. When we got to the swim docks I was so excited! The first thing the swim staff did after telling us about the rules was give us a tour of the docks. They showed us all the different swim areas, and then finally they showed us the high tower.

The high tower is at the end of the swim docks. It is basically a tower that is about 10 -15 feet high. The rule about the high tower is: Once you climb up it the only way to get down again is to jump off into the water.

Once the swim staff were done showing us the swim docks we got the opportunity to have free swim for the rest of the period. Since it was my first summer at camp, I went straight for the high tower. I remember being so determined as I was climbing up to the top - thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad. Once I got up I walked over to the edge and looked at the water below me.

I froze. I couldn’t move, I was petrified.

Once the counsellors noticed that I couldn’t jump they gathered around the base of the tower and started to encourage me to jump off. Despite my counsellors efforts I was still frozen and couldn’t jump. After a couple of minutes of being stuck at the top of this tower, the rest of my cabin came. I could hear them encouraging me to jump off. Some of my friends even leapt into the water from the docks so that when I was ready to jump off they would be waiting for me.  With my counsellors and friends encouragement I knew that I could do it.

After a couple of minutes of still staring at the water, I took a deep breath and counted in my head “one, two, three” and I jumped! Once my head came out of the water all of my friends and counsellors were cheering and clapping for me. I remember feeling so happy and accomplished that I faced my fears and tried something new. I then knew from that day on, I could do anything.

This experience forced me out of my comfort zone, and has taught me to always try new things and seize the day.
Kailee Kaufman, 2018

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