Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Camp Stories #2: Rachel's G-5athon

We've challenged our Staff to tell us their favorite Summer Camp stories.  Enjoy!

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 My favourite camp memory was when I was 14 years old. It was my 7th summer at camp and my final summer being a camper before I became a C.I.T (counsellor in training).

My counsellor and my cabin decided that we were going to make our own event called a G-5athon (cabin G-5 mixed with marathon). The goal was for us to stay up the entire night. Of course, you had the option to opt out. But we all committed to staying awake throughout the night. We dressed up in costumes, with coloured war paint under our eyes. The official start was set for 9pm.

Every hour there was a different activity, limbo at 1am, dancing at 2am, star gazing at 3am… By 5 in the morning, we were lying in a circle on the basketball courts and no one could stop laughing. We tried to sing to keep ourselves awake. Right at 6am we went to the swim docks and huddled together with blankets wrapped around us, staring at the mist covering the water and the trees surrounding the lake.

Together we sat bundled, cold, tired but happy as we watched a colourful sunrise. We finished our marathon off by delivering muffins from the camp kitchen to every cabin for a breakfast in bed. By morning, we went back to our cabin and fell asleep in our bunks instantly. When we woke up (in the afternoon!), we all stayed in our beds and retold all the moments from the night before that made us laugh.

This is a story that could only happen at camp and it is something that my friends and I will never forget.
Rachel Rothstein, 2018

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