Saturday, 2 December 2017

Camp Connection Winter Essentials

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful! And if you've no place to go, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Winter has finally arrived and here at Camp Connection we could not be happier. Sure it's not officially winter until December 21st, but, the thermometer keeps dipping lower and it clearly doesn't care about the calendar. 

Of course, not everyone is excited about things like, snow, ice and windchill, we understand that, and that's why the staff at Camp Connection have put together a list of essential items, you'll need to not only survive the winter, but, we've put together a list, that just might make you...LOVE THE WINTER! 

Kombi Mitt Clips

Mitt Clips

These Kombi winter essentials are a must have for the 'forgetful' little ones (or not-so-little-ones) in the family. Avoid losing your brand new gloves or mitts this winter with a pair of handy Mitt Clips. Easy to use, easy to wear. You can't go wrong with these little life savers!

Snow PantsSnow Pants

Every year, kids go out and play. And every year, they come home early, complaining how cold they are. A solid pair of snow pants will make all the difference. Not only will they be warm, but, playing outside will become enjoyable again. With a good pair of snow pants, you can yell "Go jump in a snow bank" and not even feel guilty.

Winter, Ski and Hike socksa


Cold feet are often the first sign that winter is winning! Avoid frostbite and a bitter feelings towards winter by getting yourself some quality winter socks. Wigwam, Kombi, Fox River and J.B. Fields all have excellent warm and cozy options, and these breathable, lightweight and warm additions can make all the difference; Especially during the brutal winter months of January, February and March.

Stone Peak Flannel Pants


As the nights get colder and Sunday afternoons start feeling longer, you’re looking for the coziest of cozy wear. Flannel pants make an excellent addition to your lounging routine, and there are no better, brighter flannels than our Stone Peak flannel pants! With these comfy pants, keeping warm around the house is much easier.

Kombi Hand WarmersHand/Toe warmers

Whether it's a long hike in the woods, waiting for the bus, or playing in the playground. Hand and toe warmers are an excellent addition to any glove or boot. With these inserts, not only will you be warmer than most, you'll be warmer than most for up to 10 hours at a time! How can you say no to that?

Columbia Winter Jackets

Winter Jacket 

OK, so this one’s kind of obvious, but it is also important. Getting yourself or the kids a legit winter jacket will not only change the way you think of winter, it will have you looking forward to getting outside and enjoying some fresh air, no matter what the weather is doing!

So there you have it! Our short list of winter essentials. There ae many more ways to keep warm and cozy, but these are our favorite. Have we missed your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Winter!

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