Sunday, 17 September 2017

Beat the September Blues

It's that time of year! We know, we're not ready for all the back to school signs, early mornings, and underwhelming lunches to eat. You cover your eyes, deny that it's all happening, but, when they open, there's no denying, it's September, and you're late for school. NOOOOOOO!

Although not this horrific to everyone, the new school year can be daunting to many...and no, we're not talking about the first homework assignment. As the days become shorter, and the nights longer, summer vacation will fade to become all but a distant memory, replaced by field trips, and math problems you wish you could google the answers to. 

Ugh. Arithmetic

But, look on the upside! There are some benefits to heading back to school. The fresh school year can be fun and exciting! You'll reunite with all your friends, and make some new ones! And, unlike last year, you'll have another chance to impress your classmates with all new stuff, and maybe an all-new you!

That's stuff is key for finding the silver lining of a new school year! There is no denying the feelings that 'new' things bring. Whether it's a new sweater, hat, or socks. ‘New’ can put the hop into your step, or at the very least, help get you get out of bed on an early school morning.
Let Camp Connection help you with all of that!

We have Herschel and Osprey Backpacks, Nalgene Water Bottles and Heritage Hoodies. Whether you’re in your final years of high school or heading off to university and need to stock your dorm room, we've got you covered.

Have a great school year, and remember...there is only 320 days until the next summer break!

(But I’m not counting, that would be to much like arithmetic. Ugh.)