Thursday, 1 December 2016

Stone Peak Flannel Pants

These awesome flannel pants are are one of our best holiday sellers, we thought we'd update this old - but very relevant - blog review:

I’ve been wearing Camp Connection’s Stone Peak flannel pants to cook lazy Saturday morning breakfasts for years.  When one pair of plaids wears out from lazing around the house too much (I usually get a couple of years of hardcore lounging from a pair) I replace it with another.  Which I guess is a pretty good recommendation for Stone Peak right there.  I hate when I need to replace them though - every time you wash them, the flannel seems to get just a little softer. By the time they’ve run their course they are the most epically comfortable pants on the planet.  When you replace them you have to go back to square one, and start at merely ‘cozy.’

All of the promotions and ads for these pants seem to emphasize how cozy they are.  I’ve gotta say, that’s a pretty fair description – cozy!  The lounge pants are a straight-legged, open bottom pant made from 100% brushed cotton flannel.  They have a covered elastic waistband and drawstring combo, side pockets, a sewn up ‘faux fly,’ and come in a steadily rotating bunch of plaids and colours.  They are available in both Youth and Adult sizes. 

These are listed as ‘Unisex’ fit, which in my experience usually translates into ‘Men’s sizing and cut with some girly colours.’ While this is more-or-less true with the Stone Peak Flannels, the roomy fit allows the gender who have a waist-to-hip ratio some leeway.  The store seems to sell just as many flannels (if not more) to ladies as to men, so this is obviously not an issue for most.
As any good lounge pant should be, these pants are roomy and loose.  They have lots of length (which is good, because they will shrink up on you a couple of inches in a standard wash/dry) and the posted sizing seems to be pretty true.  I am about a 35”-36” waist and the large pants are perfect, with lots of length for my (admittedly diminutive) 30” Inseam.

The only real ‘Features’ here are the super-soft flannel, the great colours and the drawstring waist. But what else do you need when you are binge watching Netflix?

Love the softness, the drawstring option, and the open bottoms. Oh, and the Twenty buck price!

Only 2 downsides really:
  1. Some of the flannel patterns seem to have a little heavier/softer fabric than others.  Especially at first.  Experience shows that they all wash out the same after a few runs through the laundry, and I’m told that the differences are due to the way each print is made and brushed.
  2. The side pockets.  They are handy, though a little small.  As a guy I’m not too concerned about them.  But if you’re a girl they do add a little bulk and can make the pants a little ‘hippy’ looking on some body types/with some fits.   So if you’re worried about cutting a nice figure while eating your bacon and eggs, you might want to look into the Heritage Sweats as a viable lounge-diva alternative.
Overall Rating.
Great pant!  Great longevity and super comfortable.  I will continue to keep a couple pair of these on hand at all times.  Would love to see a Ladies-Fit version, but only because I’m being nit-picky.

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