Thursday, 18 August 2016

5 Reasons Our Customers Choose Herschel Packs and Accessories!

We’re well into ‘Back-To-School’ mode here. Lunch bags, ice packs, socks, underwear and dorm trunks are flying out the door.  We have a backpack wall that is 20 feet tall, and it’s loaded with all kinds of day and hiking packs, from all different brands.  They are all excellent -we wouldn’t carry them otherwise-  but our Herschel packs (and accessories) seem to be a customer favorite.  Let’s look at why:

   1.       Simplicity
These packs are built clean.  No extra dongles and dangly bits. Not a lot of bells and whistles that no-one uses, just simple organizing and storage features that make sense. And even these are tucked away out of sight to keep that clean look.
    2.       Style
With that simplicity of design comes killer style.  Uncluttered, simple style.  Herschel chooses colours and patterns carefully, and ensures they are always on trend. The bags are sleek and subtle with only a quiet brand tag to denote Herschel, so you’re not buying a walking advertisement.

3.       Details
Herschel pays attention to the design details!  Everything from their signature red-and-white lining to the contrasts (or not) of design features.  Stitching is where it should be, laptop / tablet sleeves are soft-lined, and organizing pockets are easily accessible and well laid out.

4.       Quality
When you pay attention to the details, the quality speaks for itself. These bags are tough, the zippers are strong, the stitching is reinforced where it should be, and the quality control is un-matched. 

5.       Warrantee
When you are as confident as Herschel about your quality control, you can do things like offer a ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ on manufacturing and material defects. If you have Herschel on your back, Herschel’s got your back!

If you need more reasons to look at a Herschel pack, how about the fact that they are a Canadian company? Or that they are named after a town of 30 people? How cool is that? Whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong in considering one of these bags to get you through the coming school year – check ‘em out!

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