Monday, 8 August 2016

365 Rewards Go Digital, With Stocard!

Don’t want to haul around another loyalty card? (or any cards at all, for that matter?)  We’ve got a solution for our in-store shoppers:  Check out the Stocard app!
We’ve partnered with Stocard - now all you need to collect our 365 Rewards when you shop in-store, is your smart phone. If you’re like me, you ALWAYS have that with you.

How it Works:
If you are currently collecting 365 Rewards, then you likely have everything you need already: A rewards card and a smartphone.    If you’re looking to start collecting, you’ll need to get signed up for the Rewards program with your next in-store purchase. Our Staff will get some basic information, you’ll get a shiny new card and be ready to go.

1.    Find, download and install the Stocard app (Sorry BlackBerry and Nokia users – Stocard is not currently supported by your platform).

2.    Once you’re up and running with Stocard, touch ‘Add Card’ and
      search for Camp Connection.  

3.    Scan the Card with your Phone’s camera, or enter the barcode
      digits manually.

4.       Go Shopping, and flash your Stocard barcode at checkout!

The best part about Stocard – you can put ALL your loyalty cards on it.  No more wallet loaded with plastic junk!  Get your app downloaded and start saving today!
(If you’re a Camp Connection On-line shopper, don’t feel left out; You’re already collecting: Check it!)

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