Monday, 21 March 2016

So, What's the deal with K-Way '3.0', anyway? rain jackets have been a mainstay in the 'Keeping Dry' department since the first year they were produced - selling 250,000 rain jackets that year alone! The Claude Classic has pretty much looked the same since about 1970, with minor changes in style and construction. But with the release of 'Le Vrai Claude 3.0' K-Way have upped their tech game, while keeping the classic look alive and well.

Lighter Fabric

The difference between the Claude Classic and Le Vrai Claude 3.0 is all in the fabric.  The Classic packable jacket was a nylon shell, thin enough to be packable, thick enough to be reasonably durable and of course, waterproof.  With the 3.0, K-Way has changed this up - moving to a super lightweight ripstop fabric.  It has all the toughness of the Classic (plus some) but is even lighter and more packable.  Making the 3.0's the ultimate pull-on rain coat.

More Waterproof

There's 'waterproof' and then there's 'Waterproof'. K-Way has always been a light-weight, showerproof jacket, built for urban rainy days and splashing around in the rain. They are seam sealed to keep the water out and the fabric will keep you dry in most rainstorm conditions.  Technically, the Claude Classics nylon fabric was rated as 2500mm waterproof / 2500g breathable. The 3.0 Jackets are not only lighter, they have doubled that waterproof/breathability rating to 5000/5000! This Meaning you stay more dry and comfortable in more extreme conditions.

Packable Convenience

The biggest draw to K-Way jackets has always been the convenience.  Pack 'em away when they're not needed. They're as compact as a small umbrella! Pull 'em out when it starts to rain and they not only keep you drier than any umbrella, you can still use both hands! The 3.0 is lighter weight than ever, and it keeps you looking good while it's keeping you dry.

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