Monday, 7 December 2015

10 Camp Connection Gift Ideas

Time is running out - faster than you might think! For example: Our 'Free Shipping on orders of $25' offer ends in just 10 days! (10 days, 10 items? Coincidence? Pretty much.) Act fast - we can't guarantee shipping times!

If you're browsing for gift ideas or struggling to finish your holiday shopping, we've got in-demand items for campers, travelers, adventurers & loungers - at just about any budget.  Here's what seems to be most popular for gifting this season, (in no particular order):

1. Stone Peak Cotton Work Socks.  $9.99

Stuff Stockings with... Stockings? Keep Feet toasty in the original camper sock.

 2. Onesies. $29.99-$49.99

Cozy, Comfy and Fun union suits and all-in-ones for all ages!

3. Duffel Bags. $34.99-$44.99

These giant duffel bags are a must-have on summer camp lists, and they are great for travel and sports.

4. Water Bottles. $8.99-$19.99

Everyone needs another reusable water bottle - bright colours and lots of styles

5. Battery Heated Socks. $89.99

You read that right. Battery Powered Socks. Who does not want Battery Powered, warm socks?

6. Flannel Pants. $18.99-$19.99

Flannel Comfort is a year-round staple for the whole family. Cozy Up!

7. University Hoods. $44.99-$49.99

Super cozy varsity printed hoodies in Adult and Youth sizes.

8. Camp Stationery. $13.99

Can't write home without camp stationery, give them the hint. Available in 20+ Prints!

9. Bomber Hats. $16.99 - $39.99    

Warm winter bomber hats with that Canadian Chic look!

10. Hockey Tee   $18.99-$19.99

 We'd be unhappy modelling these two teams, too. Fortunately there's NHL Team tees for every fan on your list!

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