Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Winter Coat 50/50 Deal Is Back! (Offer Expired)

The Camp Connection Winter Coat 50/50 Sale has returned!

Winter Coats are already at 25% OFF - but - you can MAX OUT your savings and save 50% OFF the original price!

Here's the deal: You can take 50% off any Winter Coat in the store, all you need to do is spend $50 on other winter accessories.

That's it. We want to sell you more hats, mitts, gloves, neck warmers, thermal underwear and winter boots, so we're offering you 50% off your winter coat to convince you to shop with us! As with any deal like this there are a couple of caveats to make sure this deal works for everyone.

  • All winter coats which are sold at 50% off are Final Sale.
  • The $50 qualifying spend is the before-tax, after any other discount total.
  • The $50 Qualifying spend is per coat. For example, to purchase two coats at 50% off, your Qualifying spend would be $100
  • The $50 Qualifying spend must consist entirely of items listed as Winter Accessories, as judged by Camp Connection. (Winter-like items which we carry all year may be excluded from this offer.)
  • Any return or exchange request on items that are part of the $50 qualifying spend must maintain both the $50 minumum and the Winter Accessory caveat. Sizes, colours and like-items may be exchanged with no trouble, but (For example) exchanging winter gloves for tee shirts which we carry all year 'round will not be permitted. Be aware that this may effectively make any items under the $50 Qualifier Final Sale, depending on availability and circumstance.
  • Credit will not be issued for items which are part of the $50 Qualifying spend.
  • This offer begins Nov. 22 2014, and is valid while supplies last. This offer can change or end at any time, without notice.

Question: Some of these rules seem complicated and unfair - Why are the coats Final Sale, and why can't I get credit or exchange for some of my other items?
Answer: By definition, a 'good deal' has to be 'good' for both parties involved. We are offering you the chance to save big money - in some cases up to $350 per winter coat. In return, we want to get you into our winter thermals, our boots, our hats and mitts. We are trying to grow our winter business and this is how we have chosen to do so. If you don't have interest in our other winter accessories, or are unsure about your purchase perhaps this deal is just not for you.

On-line Specific Details: Yes - we have WAY more winter coats availble in-store than we do On-Line. Roughly 1500 more at this point in the season. The jackets and gear listed on-line are just the tip of the iceberg, and have been chosen because we have sufficient inventory and want to feature those items.

In addition to the details above, please note:
  • Products will appear at the 25% Off price in your cart, the remaining discount will show on the check-out screen, once you have met the $50 Qualifier.
  • You will be limited to only one coat per order. If you would like to order more than one jacket, place a second order. We will combine orders that are shipping to the same destination
  • Please keep an eye on yor inbox once you have placed an order - if we have any questions we might email you

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