Thursday, 24 September 2015

Very Limited Edition 25 Year Anniversary Duffels!

It’s our 25th Anniversary! 25 Years! 
Thanks to you and your support, we’ve been here at Lawrence Plaza (and elsewhere too from time-to-time) for 25 years, and we plan on being here for 25 more.  Keep an eye out, we’ve got lots of 25 year deals, offers and new product for the coming months, Speaking of which:
The 25 year anniversary duffels are the first printed duffels we’ve ever done, and they’re gorgeous!  Tone on tone plaids that will stand out (In a good way) at any bus pick-up, airport carousel or Locker room floor. Not to mention that you can even get a Large (40x20x20) and an Extra Large (42x22x22) in matching colours, so you can have a matching set!
If you like them, I suggest you get them early as there are a limited number available, and when they’re gone – that’s it!
Oh, and Happy Anniversary to Us!

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