Thursday, 3 September 2015


It’s like that part in a horror movie right before the climax. The violins start off quiet. You warily start looking around as they slowly start getting louder and faster. You start seeing sales on every window display on every corner. “Back to School sale – everything 30% off!”. You cover your eyes and deny, deny, deny until the one thing happens that you can’t possibly ignore: The calendar turns to September. AHHHHHH!
Although not this horrific to everyone, going back to school can be bleak, stressful, and, well, scary! All you’ll want to talk about is your summer fun in the sun, and you might even shed a tear when you get your first homework assignment and realize it’s not “Write a cheer for Team Gryffindor”. But think of the silver lining: You’ll reunite with all of your friends, start missing class for softball tournaments, and, most importantly…NEW STUFF! No one can deny the feeling: New car smell, an unchipped new cell phone, freshly baked bread. We need new items to truly feel like we’re ready for a fresh start.

So, time to chuck everything that was so last year and replenish your stock! If you need a place to start, why not right here? Camp Connection knows that school is an adventure just like any other – especially if you’re going away to university – so they’ve got the works in terms of backpacks and dorm room essentials. Come on in to snatch your favourite colours of everything, and don’t be alarmed, but while shopping, it’s been said that students sometimes feel minor symptoms of excitement for school – embrace it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic start to the school year! #ReadyforSchool #ButReallyHowManyDaysTillCamp?

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