Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Pre-Camp Routine

It’s as if the school year had been put on slow cook – what a long and painful 10 months it’s been since last August when your duffels hit the laundry room floor and you started sobbing uncontrollably. You knew that somehow the world would keep spinning and the next camp season would eventually arrive, but it seemed too far off to reasonably comfort you in that moment.

But then you got thrown into school, and somewhere along the line it got easier. The days started going faster, and before you knew it, just like you were told over and over it would, the moment arrived. The moment you’d been living and breathing (and studying) for. TIME TO START PACKING. And although endlessly exciting, admittedly, it can be a tad overwhelming. The following are some tips on how to prepare for camp whilst keeping all of your marbles intact

Step 1: The Duffel Scuffle

Step 1: The Duffel Scuffle

The first tip is to start sooner than you believe you should; the early camper gets the worm (and peace of mind for Mum). Give yourself enough time, keeping in mind you will need to buy a few things, and will likely be running around like a headless chicken the day before (This’ll happen no matter how early you start ‘cause that’s just the way we’re wired – humans, amirite?). After you pull out your CC duffel bags and hyperventilate for approximately 3.5 minutes, let the (hopefully somewhat organized) chaos begin!

Colour Wars

Step 2: The (Colour War)drobe

Judgment day: Go through your existing wardrobe and see what makes the cut. Private fashion shows to a Nicki Minaj soundtrack are highly encouraged. And VERY*** important: Ensure you pack every colour possible for colour war and any other potential surprise events. Borrowing from cabinmates is always an option, but if everyone thought that way, no one would bring colours, and there’d be no one to borrow from. Bam! Lawyered.

Step 3: Shop till You Hop (on the bus)

Make a list of all apparel, toiletries (Does anyone do cabin floss parties anymore?) and miscellaneous items you need. Then when you hit the road, be sure to enter Camp Connection in your GPS somewhere along the way. Essentials like shower buckets, flashlights, toothbrush holders, stationery, lockboxes, etc. are waiting for you in tons ‘o colours! And it wouldn’t hurt to pack an extra toothbrush – remember that canoe trip mishap last year? Yuck. Once you’ve made all of your purchases, use sew-on or stick-on labels should they not be on your clothes already.

Iron-on Name Labels

Step 4: It’s the Final Count Meltdown

There are only a few days left and stuff’s gettin’ real. After you finally decide on a first day outfit while recreating hurricane Katrina in your room, PACK. At this point you should be sporting your “pre-camp, all my good clothes are packed, I swear I don’t normally dress like this” attire while making your goodbye rounds. Now what? You motivate yourself for your formulated summer goals: Get up on a wakeboard; Finally ask Jennifer to the dance; Get a sweet tan of your camp nickname using masking tape. #priorities

Step 5: *Shrieks*

The day is here. With nervous but excited butterflies in your belly, you pack your last minutes, and go over your bus ride checklist: Bus buddy, bus letters, bus candy. Check. Check. Cherry blasters. Okay, summer. LET’S DO THIS.

We hope everyone has a great time at camp and if you’re worried you don’t have a complete packing checklist, our staff are more than willing to give suggestions! #ReadyforCamp