Thursday, 1 January 2015

Customized Lettering Information

One of our best selling items is not actually an item at all - it's an add-on!  We offer a customization service - we'll permanently label your name, or your message on to your duffel bag!

There are a lot of variables in our custom hot pressing process, so we have put together this quick guide to help answer any questions, to help make your decisions easier, and to be sure you know what to expect when we're done.

The Fine Details.

Hot pressing is permanent, bright and durable, but it is not like silk screening which is probably how most of your favorite printed t-shirts are made.  We are not applying fabric ink to our garments and bags, we are heat-sealing pre-cut vinyl lettering to them.Heat sealing is quick and relatively inexpensive but there are a couple of drawbacks. We are limited to the colours and the pre-cut numbers and letters we keep in stock. We have no special fonts, characters, punctuation or images available.


An in-store order will be ready 5 Days from when you order it.  The best way to get your order by the time you need it is to order early!

If you are ordering on-line, The time to process and press your custom order is not included in our ship time estimates. If timing is a concern, please send an email or give us a call. If your on-line order contains additional items that are not to be custom hot pressed, be aware that your entire order will be delayed until the custom items are ready to ship. If you would like the other items to leave as soon as they are ready and the hot pressed ones to follow, please place two separate orders.


We offer Custom Pressing in White, Black and Red lettering. We are often asked: “What colour looks best?” That really depends on your personal taste and why you are having the hot pressing done. Having said that, there is some advice we can give:
  • White is the strongest colour, and contrasts well with almost everything we press. White is the most effective colour on all duffel Bags because it stands out the best, and makes your items more easily identifiable.
How many Letters?

Duffel Bags can have 2 lines of text, with 12 characters (including a space) on each line.  This can get
a little cramped on the smallest duffel. 

Slight Imperfections

This is a hand-made kinda process.  We have to pick, lay-out and heat-seal each order by hand.  We are pretty good at it, but you can't expect machine perfection from a process like this. Most times the ‘slight imperfections’ are something that only the hot press operator would ever notice.  There is no laser guided computer to pinpoint placements. Plus, when you hit vinyl and fabric with sudden high heat they expand and contract, and sometimes ‘crawl’ – even the most precise placements can go askew and there is nothing the operator can do about it.

A letter being a little off-kilter is the usual culprit, or sometimes you might see slight marks from the Teflon used to try and hold the letters in place. By the time you load up a duffel bag, that minor misplacement is virtually invisible.

Be assured that we will not send you something that is not up to our standards, but we will also not replace an entire item because one or two letters are a little out of place.

Ordering On-Line / In-Store

If you would like to pick-up your custom pressing, you will need to place the order in-store.  We ship all orders placed on-line, and cannot accept orders for pick-up through our website.

That’s it, that’s all we’ve got. We hope This information helps you answer any questions, if not, please email us. It's always better to ask than end up with an item you don't like - because all Hot Pressed items are Final Sale.

Need some custom lettering tips from the experts?